Rudy Bianco

Founder and President of Viclone Corp. Was the inventor of the Intelligent Virtual Agents for companies by the end of 90s.

Alex Malov

CEO of Viclone Corp. Highly effective leader and hands-on contributor with excellent organizational and communication skills.

Elena Drozdova

Marketing Manager. Multilingual with more than 5 languages and a Master degree in Chinese and strong skills in marketing.

Álvaro Larre

Research & Technologies. Computer Scientist in Artificial Intelligence and Scrum Master.

Daniel Mas

Project Manager. Research & Technologies. Front-End and Back-End senior developer.

Jordi Úbeda

Pre-Sales and Business Strategy. Hard and solid experience in Marketing, Communication and New Technologies/Internet with over 15 years experience.

Andrés Carballo

Research & Technologies. Industrial Engineer specialized in Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Anna Francàs

Senior Linguist, Project Manager and Customer Care specialist with experience in B2G, B2B and B2C sector.

Luciano Menéndez

UI and Design.

Eduardo Clemente

Backend developer, mathematic and algorithms.

Svetlana Shipulina

Multilingual linguist with 4 languages, Customer care specialist has a degree in Economics and experience in Public Relations.

Victor Recalde

Team Support manager, Social Media specialist, programming.

Andrea Di Toro

Front-End and UI Developer.

Laura Alfonso

Philologist specialized in English, multilingual editor, with experience in Customer Service.

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Viclone consistently strives to be a technological leader and pioneer by providing innovative and market-leading solutions.