Viclone Case Studies

Viclone opens in Brazil together with WebSIA

Viclone is happy to announce its exclusive partnership with the Brazilian full Web service solution company, WebSIA. From now on you can visit our office in 1093 Cotoxó Street, São Paulo and try out WebSIA's innovative service solutions.

Collaboration with ACC10

ACC1Ó is a company set up by the Catalan Government to make Catalan enterprise more competitive throughout the world. With ACC1Ó, Viclone has been given the opportunity to participate in these networks, grow globally and attract investment. In return, Viclone provides viCloning intelligent chat to ACC1Ó’s website.


Viclone has created Joe, the virtual agent who is always ready to support all Zyncro's clients, whether they are just browsing around Zyncro’s website, or are already Zyncro clients using the company’s social networks. Joe can be tailored to suit corporate social networks and easily resolve any kind of issue, providing constant customer support. Clients can find answers to their own queries without wasting valuable time.


viCloning is like Siri and Live Chat had a baby: the first affordable intelligent virtual agent and customer service solution that is easy to set up and maintain. A solution for companies that cannot afford an army of customer support personnel, and for entrepreneurs who are splitting time between running their business and providing customer service.

Cooper Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Consultancy

Getting started: viCloning was designed, from the ground up, with ease of use and simple administration in mind. With the help of our guides and wizards, you will have a fully functional intelligent virtual agent up and running within minutes. Please watch our video to see how easy and fast can viCloning be set up for your business.

KillerStartups February

viCloning is Viclone’s latest creation, an up-and-coming major player in the virtual agent world. Before you write this off as just another automated response system, check out what makes viCloning even better than ASIMO.


We improve communication between Movistar and their clients with the intelligent virtual agent Monica. She is an assistant that is specialised in personalised technical support, and is capable of answering clients’ questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


viCloning is created. It is a metasearch engine that uses natural language to process information on multiple platforms.

Viclone Corp.

Viclone receives a grant by the European Fund for development and innovation for its research until 2013.

Clínica de Benito

An intelligent virtual agent is implemented on Benito Clinic’s website and VIP room. It discreetly answers clients’ questions and offers information about all the possibilities that the aesthetic clinic has to offer, resulting in clients having more information before seeing a specialist.

Agents & Brokers/Servicom

Viclone produces an information point with a microphone that speaks so you can comfortably and easily find what you are looking for, in Spanish as well as Catalan and English. An innovative and revolutionary system that greatly facilitates searches.

PP Madrid

The People’s Party (PP) in Madrid present their intelligent virtual agent, Clara, in the regional convention in October, 2010. The assistant, complete with sound, answers the public’s questions from the website.


A new technological leap takes language processing to another level with its unique and exclusive knowledge network model, reaching a level of accuracy of up to 97.9% with Telefónica, a leading global telecommunications company spanning 4 continents.

The Wit - Allscreenz

The French and German television consulting agencies, The Wit and Allscreenz respectively, name viClone as the best global online advertising product and it heads the list of nominees for influential, online products.

Caixa Catalunya

The life-like intelligent virtual agent for Caixa Catalunya provides information about the shows on offer and answers questions about the purchasing process of the tickets in the most friendly and simple way possible. Sara viClone recommends shows from the ticket sales page of’s website.

El Economista

“Although these kinds of online assistants are beginning to pop up all over cyberspace, there are some cases that, because of their potential, stand out. This is the case of viClone, an online application with a human appearance that, believe it or not, can simultaneously assist one million people in 20 languages”

Corporación Capilar

Corporación Capilar Haircare is the first dermatology clinic specialised in integral solutions for treating concerns with hair, and laser hair removal. They incorporate Viclone technology along with Elena, a virtual consultant that provides information from their website.

Lingua eSolutions

Lingua eSolutions, partly owned by Viclone Corp., receives a European grant for a 2 year project.

Mutua Madrileña

Eva viClone becomes the first virtual medical receptionist for Mutua Madrileña with a viClone Point®. The Olivé Gumà Clinic in Barcelona, part of the Mutua Madrileña Group, has 5 information points from where Eva assists patients.

Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner Cool Vendor in Customer Service Strategies.


“A virtual assistant that guides people through websites and assists them as if it were a human being has just been presented in Barcelona viClone”

Tecnologí@ XXI (La Razón)

“In such a competitive business world, viClone goes wherever your client does, and is a very attractive tool when it comes to the internationalization of the company, because it can answer and speak in the language of the country in question”

Dossier Empresarial

“For now, the Spanish company distributes its solutions through partnerships with local companies in 11 markets, among which are Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Holland and China, among others”

“viClone, the future of mass communication has arrived”

“The ultimate purpose of the virtual assistant is to advise consumers searching for for help and information online while helping them search for information. It is also equipped with continuous learning”

Vivir con júbilo

“There are numerous advantages, and even more for people that may have trouble when it comes to browsing the Internet”

Reforma Newspaper

“Having a virtual assistant, which could even be a copy of yourself or any charismatic consultant or employee, can bring various advantages. For example, that the clone can work 24 hours, 365 days a year and can simultaneously answer more than a million people and always be friendly”


Gartner names viClone in its predictions as the future of online customer service, and predicts a market of €1,260 million by 2012.


Vicky viClone, the first virtual actress, becomes the most talked-about viClone as the protagonist of a television series for 3 seasons on Telecinco, the most popular channel in Spain.

Viclone Corp.

Viclone Ibérica is created with main offices in Spain and Portugal. Viclone Corp. is already marketing its products in China, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the Netherlands and Italy. Spanish offices are in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.


“It is an assistant that appears on websites and have a completely human appearance, meaning that the uncomfortable feeling of talking with a machine disappears”


“Can you imagine having a co-worker in a company that works 24 hours a day without making a mistake?”


“Barcelona Meeting Point 2007 will have a virtual assistant to guide visitors through the different stands and will provide information that they require”

La Vanguardia

”According to the president of the organizing committee of the BMP(convention centre in Barcelona), using viClone will be like speaking to an assistant in the flesh, because the assistance offered will be just as personalised. But obviously, substituting an assistant for one of these virtual assistants also offers benefits for the users, and actually this is the case here”

La Razón

”A creative company from Barcelona has created a product to revolutionise online customer service. It is called viClone (short for Virtual Clone), a virtual assistant that substantially improves online communication between companies and their clients through the Internet”

El Periódico

”The real estate exhibition has a clever innovation: a virtual assistant as an information point. Barcelona Meeting Point has an invention that, according to the organization, could soon revolutionise the world. It is a viClone”

El Mundo

”viClone brings various features together in the same body. The assistance it offers will be attentive and personalised -like an assistant in the flesh would be-, but it also adds other benefits to users that justify its creation”

20 Minutos

”viClone. In Grupo Horo’s stand you will see this life-like virtual assistant with artificial intelligence to improve customer service over the Internet”

Ideas & Negocios

”This new technology is a is a step up from current search engines which only offer results, because viClone offers answers”


With viClone Point®, the first virtual hostess, is created for the convention centers in Madrid (IFEMA) and Barcelona (Fira Barcelona) as part of a technological revolution in information terminals. From then on, it is positioned as one of the most talked-about tools in the sector, with international media recognition in more than 250 publications or broadcasts.

Viclone Corp.

Viclone Corp. gains a new business partner bringing US$1 million.

IGC Prize

IGC prize for Spanish innovation awarded to By Voice®.

Viclone Corp.

Jordi Pujol, the ex-president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, publicly congratulates Viclone for the technological advances of a Catalan business.

Antena 3

Viclone launches the intelligent virtual agent for the television program Cambio Radical on Antena 3, the second most popular channel in Spain.

Viclone Corp.

Rudy Bianco establishes Viclone Corporation S.A., a spin-off of Bangle Group with a principal focus on R&D in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. In the same year Rudy Bianco co-founds Lingua eSolutions, owner of the By Voice® system and manufactures voice recognition software.


Sunny Delight. incorporates SuperSunny viClone onto its website and increases online visits from 3000 a month to 2.8 million the month of the launch. SuperSunny viClone is a cartoon superhero with artificial intelligence, not only for having conversations, but for interaction similar to games consoles. Users can play with the viClone in an intelligent way and interact through voice recognition using By Voice®.

By Voice

By Voice® is created. It is the first plug-in capable of voice recognition and text-to-speech directly from browsers. It allows for complete interaction with websites using the voice of viClones (to fill in forms, search the Internet, Google Maps…) from computers as well as mobile phones.

viClone Point

viClone Point® is created. It is the first intelligent virtual agent displayed on multimedia terminals, capable of interacting naturally from physical information points using robotic technology.


The first online viClone for the Prosalut Clinic.


Banglis® is created for the Japanese and Korean Football World Cup in 2002 together with the leader in sports communication, Don Balón.


viClone® is created. It is the first intelligent virtual agent with a real human image, and the most advanced natural language and interaction technology which is patented internationally.


Banglis® is created to provide information in real time about the Tour de France with the leader in communication, Mundo Deportivo.


Banglis®, in a website version, helps the online customers of Fortune 500 and Sara Lee (in its Cruz Verde Lagrain division). In the same year, Bangle Group creates interactive, 3D, virtual worlds for the Bertelsmman Group.


Banglis® the personal assistant is created. It is a development on the LIS system, which already incorporated natural language and voice. Banglis is a 3D avatar, downloadable as a software application, which makes interaction with computers possible: it opens applications, performs searches, reads emails, shows the latest news (RSS) among other things, and all spoken.


LIS (Layer Intelligent System) is launched. We invent a new advertising model: an interactive, 3D avatar that tracks users’ activity through the website, following the path the mouse takes and intelligently interacting. We develop the first interactive floating advert in the world. It is sold to Fortune 100, the international Bertelsmman Group, achieving the greatest advertising success in the history of the Internet: 52% effectiveness with an interactive advertising campaign on Terra’s website with Círculo de Lectores. DoubleClick goes on to launch their Skyscrapers and Interstitial adverts.

Bangle Group

Rudy Bianco establishes Bangle Group, an interactive advertising agency dedicated to technological innovation, with a significant budget for R&D, reaching €4 million by 2006.

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Viclone consistently strives to be a technological leader and pioneer by providing innovative and market-leading solutions.