Viclone is happy to announce its exclusive partnership with the Brazilian full Web service solution company WebSIA. WebSIA provides WebSIAlive Services and Solutions in the SaaS (Software as a Service “Cloud”) model, in IT and Digital Convergence universe. The company provides a full range of Web solutions such as SMS Platforms, Mobile Sites, Mobile e-Commerce, Mobile Scan Chat, Web Conference, Email Marketing, Email Exchange and Automatic Live Chat.

WebSIA is a company that designs, builds, develops and implements web business architecture and intelligence. It focuses on innovative solutions, customer service, engagement, collaboration and online customer conversion, based on the best practices of the industry.

WebSIA has many clients in Brazil and Latin America such as Porto Seguro, Carrefour, Postalis, SulAmérica (ING), D-Link, BB Seguros, etc.

It is a great opportunity for Viclone to be presented in one of the most attractive emerging markets. Due to their economical and social impact, virtual agents are in great demand in service and IT industries.

Thank you WebSIA for being our partner!

Obrigado WebSIA por ser nosso parceiro!

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