ClientsWhat’s the best way to increase sales now, for the least money? How do I go about it? Owners and managers of big and small companies constantly face these questions.

You can organize the business perfectly, producing great products and offering high-quality services, but if sales are weak, the business is always going to be at risk.

An increase in sales is, essentially, and increase in the flow of people who are interested in a company’s services or products. The key for a quick and significant boost in the volume of sales is to create a Customer Boom. M. and N. Ruffle propose the following classifications of customers:

Potential customers: They could be interested in a product or service.

Visitors: They look, but they don’t buy.

Buyers: The ones that do buy.

Customers who have purchased several times.

Loyal customers: They don’t only buy, but they talk to people and actively recommend the product or service.

These are 5 steps to attract customers.

  • Step 1. Public Relations: The most far-reaching and inclusive way. Articles, press releases, participation in ehibitions and forums. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet. Use every opportunity to make sure the your product’s or service’s message reaches the biggest number of people possible. It is a powerful tool for promotion and sales. The main thing is to make noise.
  • Step 2. Marketing. To identify and capture potential customers.
  • Step 3. Implemented o added service. Potential customers need to be able to  try out the product for themselves and evaluate its quality.
  • Step 4. Give customers more than what is promised, go above and beyond, this way you ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Step 5. Don’t only get customers buying, but turn them into loyal customers, get them talking about your company to their friends. The best publicity is word of mouth. This is the most challenging step. This is where standard tools can’t help, only an excellent, friendly service and sincere communication with customers.

And what better than a viCloning, an intelligent virtual agent capable of providing information and selling, with tools for cross-selling and up-selling. More importantly, it is always smiling and ready to go, providing benefits for customers as well as the business.

Are you ready to change with a viCloning?

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